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A Locally Owned Company

  • A Locally Owned Company

    A Locally Owned Company

    Front Range Asphalt Maintenance, LLC is a locally owned and operated business in the Denver Metropolitan area that values small businesses. F.R.A.M. works to maintain the best customer relations within the community. F.R.A.M. is a leader for environmentally friendly asphalt companies in the Rocky Mountain region. Focusing on sustainable construction solutions for parking lots, F.R.A.M. utilizes infrared technologies to recover and recycle local asphalt resources and reconstruct parking lots in the Denver and Front Range communities.

    As strong believers in the value of local business and hard work, we value our customers’ time and resources and we do everything we can to work within your budget and framework. We’ve established a local network within the Denver community for better serving businesses that highlights our mutual accountability for doing great work and securing a bright future for our environment.

    Front Range Asphalt Maintenance has many benefits and provides solutions to the problems that occur in our environment over time, namely that the elements oxidize light oil components in asphalt creating disruptions to the asphalt materials, and when temperatures increase this oxidation process accelerates exponentially. Due to natural erosion that occurs when water seeps into the sub-base of asphalt, asphalt reconstruction is the most permanent repair for parking lots.

    The infrared paving process includes rejuvenating the asphalt and replacing and restoring the compromised asphalt. The benefit is a seamless repair process that prevents water from infiltrating local asphalt without the high cost of laying down all new asphalt. Further, the process of recovering and recycling is good for our local environment. The infrared asphalt restoration process does not force companies to shut down their parking lots and hurt business because it is cost effective. We work within your schedule with your resources to restore your businesses parking lot to a brand new quality.

    Don’t underestimate the value of our asphalt maintenance process. Front Range Asphalt Maintenance restores your parking lot to like new condition faster with no cold joints by utilizing less manpower, less equipment and less material in the most environmentally friendly manner at less cost. This allows local businesses to focus on what matters most-providing the best services to our community and supporting other locally owned Denver and Front Range businesses.

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